We will add four input boxes for

—- Follow the steps —-

1. Pick up the Text Tool and write To, From, Subject, Body in a static form. Choose Static from text box properties like this

user posted image

2. Now make another TEXT box using TEXT Tool and set its properties asinput box, like this

and place it in front of text To, so it will look like this

3. Now we have to attach a variable with this input box. For that we will click on the input box and in its Properties tab we will input the variable name. See the RED rounded rectangle area. The variable
we will is to.

4. Now COPY and PASTE this input box and place in front of From, Subject and Body so it will look like this

now stretct the BODY input box and change its varialbe name and also from single line to multiple line.

5. Now you will have to change the variables names of each INPUT Boxes.Click on the input box which is in front of From and in its properties change its variable name to from. Now click on the input box infront of Subject and change its variable name to subject. Click in Body input box and change its variable name to body.

6. Now make a button “SEND” and in its action put the following code.

on (release) {
if (to eq “” || from eq”" || subject eq “” || body eq “”) {
getURL(”javascript:alert(”All fields are required”);”);
} else {

send = “done”;
loadVariablesNum(”mail.php”, 0, “POST”);
getURL(”javascript:alert(”Your mail has been successfully sent”);”);

7. Now we have to make a check either all the input boxes are filled or not, for that right click on the first frame of the Layer one and click on Action.

in its action panel paste the following code.


Finally the mail form will look like this.

[i]All Flash work is done. Now we have to make our PHP code


Now we have to integrate the variables we have made in Flash with PHP script.
—- Follow the steps —-

1. Open NOTEPAD or any Text Editor you like.
2. Paste the following code into that

if ($send==”done”) {
$to = escapeshellcmd($to);
$subject = escapeshellcmd($subject);
$body = escapeshellcmd($body);

$from = escapeshellcmd($from);
$tfrom = “From: <$from>”;

3. Save this file with name mail.php
Thats all done.

Now you have to find any webserver thats supports PHP scripts, so that you can test you Email Sender program. Upload your HTML, SWF and PHP file in the same folder. Hope it helps.

There are only a few steps for sending mails through Flash and PHP. First thing is ofcourse to design an interface using that you will be for sending mails, and the second portion is the PHP code. So we will start
with the first portion to make an interface and attach Variables with input boxes.

im thinking of what to use in my next project but i not sure what to use between this two!,

which is more friedly?

Joomla or Drupal?

need your comments.