How to find a best Web Design Company or Web Designer

If you are not a Web developer and you don’t have any idea about web development, how do you know which company to select or who are you going to pick to design your Website? Here are hints how to find a best Web Design Company or Web Designer:

1. Customer service availabity (Live Support)

It really helps to have someone who is there for you when problem arises. The point there is they can solve the problem instantly. So pick a web design company who got a live support such chat or voice.

2. Impressive Portfolio

Review the websites they had done before. Sample of work’s done is stronger than any fancy and bubbly text found in designer’s website.

3. Able to understand your website needs

It’s useless to design your website in full flash when it can be run smoothly on html, flash is expensive and not Search Engine friendly. If you want to edit your website personally in the future, asks the designer to build it in Content Management System (CMS).

4. Contact handling

Find out if your Web designer will handle your email settings for your Website. Webmail looks much better and more professional rather than Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL.

5. Provide you a 99% uptime guarantee hosting service (If hosting included)

Your website uptime is very much important; would you like to see your website always down? Here are ways how to find a good hosting plan and how to choose a web hosting server.

6. Provide you Pre-optimization

Every website needs to meet the guidelines of major search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) in order to be indexed, I strongly advice to get a designer who has an idea about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Beautiful website is useless if nobody knows it.

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