FlexiMenus JS Dreamweaver

Hi guys! check out this new extension for Dreamweaver its very cool!.

FlexiMenus JS is a JavaScript menu extension for Dreamweaver. Thanks to the powerful styling system, every menu design element can be individually customized with new fonts, colors, margins, images and text styles. FlexiMenus JS for Dreamweaver comes with 30 eye-catching transition effects like Fade, Slide, Reveal and 15 menus skins that can be managed from the Dreamweaver UI, with no coding required.

  • Powerful Javascript menu engine
  • Flexible menu behavior
  • Plenty of skins and effects
  • Seamlessly embed menus into the website layout
  • Rich content button properties individually or per levels
  • SEO compliant JavaScript menus

Designer version

  • Insert multiple menus in one page with unlimited levels
  • Run custom scripts on click or on hover (JavaScript calls)
  • Create drop down, tabbed and vertical animated JavaScript menus from the Dreamweaver UI
  • The implementation can be done entirely from the Dreamweaver interface, with no hand-coding
  • 15 ready made skins, each with multiple color schemas
Price starting at: $59.98

Developer version

  • Multiple databases support including MS SQL, Oracle & MySQL
  • Server-side languages: PHP, ASP, Coldfusion
  • Configure the animated JavaScript menus dynamically without writing manual code
  • Define the menu design from the GUI, pull data using a Dreamweaver recordset
  • Select which recordset generates the menu
  • Select the column that contains the unique Menu IDs
  • Select the parent ID column for unlimited depth menus
  • Reads different columns for buttons, section header and separators
  • Dynamically set labels, links and links target from the database
Price starting at: $79.99

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